In today’s post I’ll discuss some of the key elements to getting where you want to be, which for most writers would be reaching the dizzy heights of the best seller lists; making a reasonable income in the process!

In this post I am including links to three Authors all of whose work appeared as if my magic in my in box this morning. As it happens I made a decision a few days ago to stop putting roadblocks in my own way and actually get a project finished in the course of a month, something I have dreamed about for a long time but never achieved.

Like most people striving to improve their performance in their lives I too have spent years making Goal lists and perfected the three page to-do list. The act of goal setting in itself does not guarantee results. The Goals have to be specific and with an attached time frame. The set time limit is the key in my view because without this, any amount of distractions will tear you away from your focus and lead to yet another unachieved goal.

 A writer I have been following for some time now is Raymond Le Blanc based in the Netherlands. I read and reviewed an early book of his on Social Media last year which was really helpful. His Blog post today highlights the need to keep your to-do list short and manageable and therefore achievable. Once you start achieving with regularity there will be no stopping you and your enthusiasm will be boundless.

Second up is the regular post from  where the highly successful Self Published Author, Hugh Howey, is interviewed   on his methods for achieving significant success with his writing. Prime habits to seriously consider are reading a significant amount and following that up with an equal volume of writing; every day. The goal you set yourself with your writing will invariably differ from person to person; be it word count, pages, chapters, editing and so on. But set a goal per day and stick to it and the results will follow. This is an excellent interview and a must read for aspiring Authors.

Finally a successful Kindle Publisher Connie Brentford has an absorbing  email course detailing the opportunities for writing on line and self publishing.

Connie has a number of successful books on Amazon Kindle and writes with flair and enthusiasm. I strongly suggest you check her out and sign up for the course.

My own writing project has been given a tremendous boost by absorbing the expertise received from these three Authors today. Time will tell if I can finally bury the procrastinator gene which I seem to be afflicted with.

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Just a few minutes ago 16/03/2011 and nearly a week after the Catastrophe that has reduced Japan to a shadow of its former self, I watched a Sky News broadcast and felt compelled to give my Take on the Quake and the unfolding events at Fukushima!

As a Paid –Up Boomer (you can read into that what you will!) it’s natural that I would be perhaps more aware of the first Nuclear Catastrophe that the USA dumped on Japan in 1945, than my two Daughters who are several generations on from that conflict.

Actually I’m sure that there will be people out there that will say “he’s not really a Boomer coz he was born just a few months short of the Official Boomer Start –up date of Jan 1 1946”. They are entitled to their opinion!


 Yes it’s true I was still two months from seeing the light of day when the horrors of the Atomic Bomb were inflicted on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ushering in the Nuclear age and arguably the start of the downward spiral of Human Annihilation.

Seeing the footage of the aftermath of Hiroshima many times over in the coming years (as an Adult), it was clearly a demonstration of the awesome power of Nuclear Fission and the miseries it brought.

Japan was brought to its knees and sued for peace almost immediately. Those images of shadows on concrete that had been Human beings, vaporised in an instant, left a strange sickly taste in my mouth which has surfaced many times since, when being exposed to War footage.

To the present:- Japan has atoned for all the horrors it inflicted during World War Two and has become the third largest Economy on Earth with a display of technical  magnificence underpinned by a work culture and pursuit of excellence that we should all admire and endeavour to emulate.

That Japan should be exposed to yet another Nuclear Nightmare, this time, by a force far greater than anything Man could ever develop, is heartbreaking.

Japan did not deserve this cruel blow that has seen whole towns and villages swept away with the death toll still rising. In catastrophes like this it’s probable that the actual death toll, when all is said and done, will never be known.

 The Earthquake producing Tsunami is a fact of life. A fact of life that anyone  living on the Ring of Fire is aware of. The magnitude of an earthquake is something that is indeterminate. The extent of damage and devastation that follows a Mega Quake is something that the whole World now needs to take seriously. Damage limitation procedures should now be top of every countries ” Must Do List”

The Japanese are a Stoical Nation, with a great culture and work ethic, which has got them where they were up until last week! They will rebuild their Nation, while continuing to mourn the loss of so many innocent lives. It’s what they do well!

The economic impact on the rest of the world has yet to be realised, but for sure the ‘Quake and Tsunami will have a significant impact far far away from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant for months and years to come.

Please take a moment to reflect on the suffering that is being endured and born bravely while realising how lucky you are personally not to have to experience this at first hand!

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This Baby Boomer has been running an offline Business for many years teaching little Boys and Girls the rudimentaries of Driving a Stick Shift. We don’t call it that here in Europe but I like the sound of it don’t you?

And in True Boomer Tradition we have finally cracked the Basic Codes to getting Video up on the Web. Hence this Bragging Post.We feel pretty good about the whole thing and in subsequent posts we’ll attempt to explain how it can be done without taking 10 years off your life. ANd no we are not going to tell you it’s easy and done in 15 mins like some would have us believe!

This is a brief post announcing our new video for Learner Drivers who are Learning to Drive in Ireland. here is the link to the Video:-

Learning to Drive Traffic from your web site to your Offline Business is a very powerful Technique and will bring you a lot of Customers or Clients that would otherwise never pass your door.

Over the last 11 years our Driving School Website has provided our offline business with plenty of pupils and we are now taking the whole Learning to Drive scene to an entirely different level with a series of Video Tutorials on all aspects of Driving and Learning to Drive!

Quality information and expert advice on your web site will certainly bring you customers that you would not normally meet.Give it a try …it will work for you!

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Wrinkly Writer Video Profile

Boomer - in - Chief Starts Talkin'

Hi There fellow Baby Boomers,
Here’s the first video profile for you so that you can see we are actually a real person complete with Wrinkles and Stutter!As Jim Edwards always says …it doesn’t have to be perfect …just get it done and then you can tweak if you wish.

Click to view video–>> Baby Boomer on the Big Screen

Guess this will need some tweaking but we did get it done …and for a Procrastinating Technophobe that’s pretty darn cool don’t you think?
Speak to you soon (after a quick nap…Joking)

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“Sure an e book sounds like a really great idea, but hey I can’t Write and worse still can’t Spell and well the Grass needs cutting so I just wouldn’t have the time!”
“I mean doesn’t it take months to write a book? And then there are all those pages being tossed into the waste basket and Writers Block and Power cuts in the winter and so on… Ever tried to write in the dark? NO… this doesn’t sound like such a good idea after all. Sorry gotta go pick up the kids from Paintball class! Does this sound familiar? Well if they’re not into paintball it’s bound to be Trumpet Lessons or Ballet or both!

Being the Author of an E Book doesn’t necessarily mean you have to glue yourself to your office seat—there are several alternatives to actually physically typing the Manuscript. We’ll leave the discussion of these magical mystery tools for another article. And no you don’t have to major in telepathy or become a hypnotist; and even if you did I am sure there is an E Book out there just waiting for you.

There are probably still some weird niches out there waiting to be discovered and unleashed on an unsuspecting public in E Book format!

“Gourmet Cooking for Lefft Handied Dyslexxics”
“Rid yourself of Click Here Syndrome in just 14 days”
“Build your own Hen House for Free out of Cereal Boxes (empty of course!) and so on…

OK Here’s the deal…if you want to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of using your newfound E Book strategies to further your business before you reach the grand old age of 108 then time is of the essence! An e book in the hand is worth 365 in your head believe me. I should know.

So what’s required to get the ideas and information out of your head and onto your web server. Don’t know what a web server is? or even how to get one? Be patient that’s in another article we are not trying to solve all your problems in one teensie weeny article!

What’s required is help from an expert, preferably one who can write and who has heard all the aforementioned problems before so you won’t get away with excuses!

The right mentor will nudge and cajole you so that all that valuable expertise of yours can be shared with an adoring audience and in record time. Shall we say seven days? Well a week sounds a little less intimidating!

“Hey that’s all very well but what about all that techie stuff?…I hear you need a website and a web server and a Merchant account and shed loads of money for those Web designers and…I’m dizzy …I need a Náp!”

Forget the techie stuff for now. That’ll all slot into place once you have the book written. I mean does a 747 Pilot need to know every last detail of what every passenger had for breakfast to get to the destination safe and sound?
You don’t need to know all this techie stuff at the outset that will come in good time when you have the compilation out of the way. What about the marketing? What do we do about that?

OK let’s stop here and give ourselves a well earned break for a coffee and see if there are any experts out there in Website land who have been through all this torture and lived to tell the tale.

Better still lets crank up the PC right now and go search for someone who really talks the talk and walks the walk. Gotta be an E Book out there to tell us how to do it all without having to lock ourselves away from the world for a whole year while we learn all this stuff. So lets get searchin’n’clickin and see what we come up with OK?

This Baby Boomer has been online with a web presence (sort of!) for a decade and is now sharing his expertise and experiences both positive and negative with his adoring followers. The Rise and Rise of the E Book Phenomenon shows no sign of abating any time soon so why aren’t you participating in this excellent strategy for business dominance.
Get your e book strategy off to a flying start by at least sharpening your pencil and come up with a Title you’ll be glad you did

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Taking a break from Article Submission!We’ve been messing around with Blogs(mostly free hosted) and our main web site for Learner Drivers for a number of years so it’s time to get serious and not only chart the progress but give some hopefully valuable advice to those of you starting out.

Any thing new in Life is usually not so easy and often full of disappointments. Getting to grips with a new Blog and turning it into something of value to visitors is not an overnight exercise.

We’ve been mostly absent from this blog since it was set up due to Domestic distractions so it is a work in progress.If you have any pressing questions (and who hasn’t ?) we’d love to here from you.
We’ll be covering every aspect of setting up a Blog so that you can move forward with some direction in the Niche of your choice.

Our presence online goes back a decade and more than five years as an Article Writer and WebSite Administrator so we look forward to being of some help to you. See you soon,


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In anticipation of self publishing on Amazon Kindle at the end of the Month October 2013 I’m putting up the Preface  and Introduction on the site here for all to read. This memoir covers my traumatic leaving of home as a young man of 18 and joining the Wine Trade in London.

Two years after starting work a Wine trip to the Burgundy Region of France and beyond propelled me into adulthood and a whole new perspective on the world. It was an experience of a lifetime and I’ve decided that it’s finally time to share it with the wider world and hopefully encourage other young people who start out with a somewhat fractured family background to be bold and give it your best shot. No one else will.

If any of you reading this would like a review copy prior to publication please leave a comment on the post or PM me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to send you the manuscript.

From Dublin to Dijon on a Glass of Red.

A Two Year Journey into The World of Wine

The Wine Odyssey


The study or appreciation of wine unlike life, is a never ending journey. It’s a long distance train ride with stops and halts along the way. I like train journeys! I grew up with them. The smells, the sounds, the smoke billowing past the window, the ever changing colour of the country side and the rush of commuters anxious not to be late for work and above all, the thrill of anticipation. All of these sensory experiences are found within Wine. People get on; people get off; usually at designated stations. My Monday morning Wine Express was the 6.59 to Charing Cross from the Kent Coast and if it was on time there was just enough time to hike into Marylebone to begin my Wine week.

Wine lovers often have to wait for hours for the next train in order to continue their journey particularly if they have had far too much St Julien the night before! They while away their time waiting to continue their journey by amusing themselves by striking up a conversation with anyone who happens to be nearby.

“Tried the Beaujolais Nouveau yet? No? You should; it’s a cracking bottle; I won’t drink anything else at this time of year”

“Well no actually red wine doesn’t agree with me The missus prefers me to drink Asti Spumante. She says it makes me much more romantic than usual!”

 Wine and conversation make good bedfellows as it happens. Wine and animated discussion can solve many problems; it can also create a few!

My own Wine journey came to an abrupt halt when perusing the wrong timetable. I had chosen the right Train network but I got off at the wrong station. It’s been a regret of mine ever since. You know the way it is when you’re young, headstrong and a little too impetuous for your own good. For some reason I have always had a more than developed sense of fair play and when on the receiving end of exactly the opposite, the ensuing outcome is not pretty. To describe my feelings as distraught would be an understatement when treated unfairly or adversely. It still has this unfortunate and debilitating effect on me even to this day; 44 years after leaving behind a promising career at the age of 24. How I rue that day when I promised myself that never again would I work for anyone else and would make my own good fortune if it killed me.

Jumping straight into my story without some semblance of background would have, I think made for some pleasant light reading even if this is a trifle presumptuous. Doesn’t everyone‘s story deserve to be aired if only to fill-in the blanks in a family history that would otherwise be lost to the mists of time?

The trouble is that while there is most certainly a book inside everyone, not that many people summon up the courage or make the time to put pen to paper. Life is always getting in the way of important projects but then as a serial procrastinator I would say that! It’s a pity that not everyone overcomes their fears about writing personal life stuff since there are wonderful and encouraging stories of human endeavour, sacrifice and triumph against all the odds that will never see the light of day. I found out only recently that there has been something of a writing gene within my family which surfaces regularly, so fear of ridicule or worse just doesn’t appear on my own modus operandi thankfully.

Now let’s get on with the good stuff and talk some Wine! We might even open a bottle to smooth things along a little which I find always helps when in a stressful situation, which this undoubtedly is as now we’ve started we had better continue.



Memoir is not an easy genre to get stuck into. I have the renowned Author William Zinsser to thank, for hopefully turning this snapshot in wine time into something resembling a story worth reading. I had written this book almost in its entirety before I immersed myself in Zinsser’s wonderful collection of books which teach the art and craft of memoir. It’s my sincere hope that some of the craft that William so lovingly explains in his amazing books has rubbed off on me and that my future forays (some of which are already written) will interest at least a few readers.

There can surely be no one who is out of short trousers or a frilly pink dress that is oblivious of the connection between food and wine. Wine has been around for millennia as has the effects of overindulgence. In the last 60 years, especially in the heyday of the foreign travel explosion which burst unexpectedly on the previously mundane deckchair army’s scene, wine has become an everyday occurrence: even an every night happening! It’s no longer the preserve of the well to do or those fortunate enough to have been born into family fortunes: those with a country seat and a dimly lit cellar which is out of bounds to the under 8’s and which invariably is stuffed with bottles of claret bearing legendary names and vintages.

My entry into the rarefied atmosphere of the traditional wine merchant and his stock in trade came about by a circuitous route, but it all started in a dark basement kitchen in post war London where I had been parachuted as an 8 year old to live with two strange people. They turned out to be my father and stepmother both of whom were acquainted with wine having met in Germany at the end of the war. In case you are wondering, it would be quite some years hence before a glass or sip of crimson nectar would pass my lips so there’s no need to think badly about my parents and how they were responsible for inducting an 8 year old into the hall of alcoholic fame and over indulgence.

Practically every meal at that time was a new experience for me since the war time rationing was over and food we take for granted now was beginning to appear on the shelves of the local grocers once again. In between lengthy sessions with my Balsa model airplanes and that strangely hypnotic smell of dope, I would occasionally watch my father doing his pre- celebrity chef era tricks, in this excuse for a kitchen. It would usually be a Sunday when he took control and rallied his talents to produce a Sunday roast of some distinction. All the trimmings, including mint sauce if it happened to be lamb; lots and lots of steam, hot air, smells to whet the appetite culminating in a feast fit for a King. That was the usual procedure except when the gas ran out and there was a frantic scrabbling for shillings to feed this ugly black box in the corner. The days of utility bills were quite some way into the future. It was common practise to have your gas supply on a coin meter, especially in flats.

My interest was aroused when I realised that to put a meal on the table for three people and a dog, took effort, sweat and lots of flair, not to mention the ever present to-ing and fro-ing to the sink and back. I thought to myself that this was a noble endeavour equal to that of perfecting model aeroplanes and infinitely more useful. The only downside to a full stomach was the seemingly unending mountain of washing up, which in the days before dishwashers was an absolute abomination; especially if it was your turn which it invariably was.

The seeds of my  future kitchen activity( including cooking with wine) were well and truly sown when after watching diligently for some weeks or maybe months, I proudly announced one day that I was going to prepare the Sunday lunch from start to finish and would even do all the washing up. There had been a period of apprenticeship where the joy of peeling potatoes and carrots were mastered and the lighting of the ancient gas cooker perfected. That was no mean task. A gizmo held at length while pressing the button to create the spark, hoping that you wouldn’t fall into a deep sleep or worse while the gas hissed menacingly, took a good deal of practise. Actually I remember now that preceding the gizmo was an ancient Anglo Saxon device that you squeezed with all your might to create a spark. Cooking was such a technological challenge in those days especially if a saucepan boiled over and extinguished the gas when you weren’t looking. If it was parsley sauce you were in for a big surprise as the sauce caught fire momentarily and turned the bottom of the saucepan a tidy shade of black which then took hours to remove, especially if you had run out of Brillo pads.

You are wondering, all of you, what parent in their right mind would let an eight year old loose in an ancient basement kitchen. On reflection I must have impressed my father enough for him to have acceded to my request to take control of the Sunday ritual this one weekend. And so it came to pass that this little boy with no epicurean training or Swiss hotel apprenticeship actually succeeded in completing the Sunday roast although I have to admit that I did take a shortcut with the mashed potato. Even in those austere times instant food items were beginning to appear just as servants and those below ground were becoming a vanishing and threatened species. Enter the saviour of all hard pressed chefs. POM… an easily prepared instant mashed potato that with a knob of butter and some black pepper was indistinguishable from the real thing. That is of course assuming you didn’t lunch at the Savoy or the Dorchester every day…

Desert was fruit salad I’m sure which, when using a can of same requires just the skilful handling of the can opener. Incidentally, I still use one of these ancient Roman Can openers to this day while the wall mounted designer can opener still remains in its box after 29 years! Well D.I.Y has to take its place in the scheme of things and while the excellent device is moving up the to-do list my leaky radiators take preference currently. There you have it in a not-so-nutshell. My introduction to the World of Food  which heralded, some years later, my introduction to the World of Wine, but not before the introduction to the World of Beer via  a heavily diluted shandy and a night time raid on a pint bottle of Watneys Pale Ale which got me into trouble with Le Patron.

It’s almost 60 years since that first adventure into Culinary  Heaven and today I am never happier than when donning my trusty apron and opening a bottle of red which I am going to liberally use in my very special Bolognaise: occasionally even allowing myself the odd glass or two while slaving over the hot hob. A word of warning here. It’s much better to wait until the meal is served before pouring your third glass of Montepulciano since focus on the sauce is imperative.

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How to Survive the Death of Windows XPHow to Survive the Death of Windows XP by Annie Jean Brewer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Annie Jean Brewer really nails it for non geeks in the lead up to Windows XP being consigned to the scrap heap

Excellent book,especially for those using a computer on a daily basis but who are mystified by the pace of Operating System change and what to do about it!
Gives illustrations on how it can still be possible to use an old computer without feeling the need to go out and buy the latest computer with all the investment that this entails.Personally I cannot see the justification for dumping a perfectly functioning computer in favour of boosting a gigantic Corporation’s profits.
A real eyeopener for non geeks who might get sucked in to the “dump it it ‘s too old” brigade!

View all my reviews

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Amazon Matchbook Program Launches Soon

Sometimes, despite spending hours online and all that stuff with Facebook, Author groups, checking e-mail and getting some writing done, you can miss out on some important developments in the wonderful world of Indie Publishing!

It’s been two weeks since Amazon announced the pending introduction of yet another innovative and potentially extremely lucrative program for Kindle Authors; the Amazon Matchbook.

I must have been on another Planet to miss all this .On reflection I was. Not on Planet Zog but just getting ready for a trip to my birth place in North Yorkshire; Richmond to be exact.

The Matchbook introduction is due some time in October and will once again prove to be an added bonus to all indie  e-book publishers, of that I am certain.

You’ll need to have a paperback or hardcopy version of your book already in print, at which time you’ll be able to offer a discounted version of your e-book. The restrictions that apply when you enrol your e book in the KDP Select program are relaxed so that you’ll be able to have your book available of other retail platforms such as Barnes & Noble and so on.

In KDP Select you are given the opportunity to offer your e book for free on five days in a 90 day period providing the book is not available elsewhere, including on your own web site. I always thought this was a bit harsh but then Amazon is where you will sell your books and make a name for yourself. Your own web site will be a long time playing catch up with sales unless you are really well known I think.

I am not going to go into the whole rake of Royalty payments yet since I am still getting a handle on this .It’s only been an hour after all, since I heard about the Matchbook Program; but stay tuned and get stuck in; or as John Carlton would say “Stay Frosty” You don’t know John Carlton? Well you need to find out …and soon!

Till next time.

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For many Baby Boomers new technology can sometimes be a problem. Sometimes it’s downright scary! I wasn’t really aware of Amazon Kindle until April 2012 but from the outset realised that here was a golden opportunity for aspiring writers to self-publish without all the years of toil and torture involved in getting a publishing deal with a legacy publisher.

Taking a Break from Writing

I’ll be blogging regularly with video from now on as I have retired from the day job and can also use a camera. It’s taken a while to feel comfortable with video but when you do overcome fears it’s a good feeling.

As I attempt to build my Author Platform while getting ready to publish on Kindle I’ll be publishing my views and opinions on the whole self-publishing scene.Hopefully some of you out there will gain some benefit and get stuck in yourselves.

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One of the problems that affect the ability to move forward online as a Boomer is that the speed of change and introduction of not just new technology but New Applications within that technology, is so great that most get swamped. I know I do; even as a serial sponge with the Click Here now gene firmly implanted in my brain. Some of the apps that are hitting the headlines are mind boggling but then so are most of the gazillion that went before.

When I discovered Amazon Kindle in May 2012 it was akin to being hit by a train, a lightning bolt and a tsunami all at once. I survived and leapt into the Kindle store with the focus of a demented Lemming! One of the first books I bought was Google Plus Marketing made Easy by Ryan Michael Bush  and What the Plus! Google + for the Rest of Us by well known Author Guy Kawasaki. It was published on March 4 2012. I had heard of Google Plus+ and thought since so many people were raving about it that I had better check it out. I read a good few pages but got lost somewhere along the way so am about to finish the book and get moving again.

What has prompted this action? Well by chance I came across Brian Clarks’ Copyblogger Blog    the other day, signed up to his mailing list to get his free feature length series and naturally there was some excellent stuff on how you as a writer or content composer can stand out better in Google’s search results by signing up to Google’s Authorship Application, which I then did.

I was supposed to have gone to bed at 11.00pm because that’s what my older and much more knowledgeable and wise brother suggested I do.  He is all into routine which is all well and good but when you‘re an artist or a writer you have to go with the flow; I think!

So after doing all that and upgrading my Google plus account which I had no clue how to operate you would think that bed would be inevitable not so! I discovered a really neat thing on Brian Clarks’ page called Google Hangouts so of course I had to investigate and the rest as they say is history. Isn’t it incredible that just one chance meeting online can get you moving in a different direction providing you take action? You never get really tired when you are having fun and last night was much more than that.  It was a blast as they say.

I had never heard of Google Hangouts which is a Video Team up with four or maybe more experts joining in on a live discussion. This has to be a very valuable tool for anyone with any kind of business on line, but especially for Authors, Writers and Marketers without whom the web would be a very dull place. The four way discussion hosted by a very capable  Tommy Walker of and film maker Doug Prey, Screenwriter John Jacobsen and the irrepressible Brian Clark of Copyblogger.

Tommy’s “The Mindfire Chats” is a monthly get together which has to be essential viewing in the future for all serious content creators. There were some insightful quotes which I scribbled down and will accredit at the end of this post or a follow- up. This is just my second post this year here on the Baby Boomer Marketing blog. I bet you didn’t have a whole Forest to burn which is now a nice pile of potash for the garden!

Preparing to launch my first works on Kindle is taking up all my time and has done for months now and although difficult to get a handle on all the techie, under the radar stuff to be able to publish on Amazon, I am nearly there. I’ll put some samples of my forthcoming books up in another post shortly. In the mean time hope you get a chance to check out the guys I have highlighted …they are quite simply fantastic!

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In the beginning there was Cave art, a distinctly entertaining frieze of Men chasing Beasts, slaughtering them humanely with a variety of projectiles, before the inevitable 12.5 mile trek home to the Cave. Hence the term Cave Art!
It was a simple time. Twitter hadn’t been invented yet and recurring nightmares about Google’s latest Triceratops update was a thing of the future. Maybe it wasn’t so simple after all! Things were about to change.
Then, one fine day with a cloudless sky, an astonishing realisation took flight that if you burnt your Cave down or more correctly, your grass hut, your smelly Bison carcass took on an altogether different flavour. And speeded up the eating process by a factor of ten. Thus Fire was born or perhaps it was invented, I forget. Fire would become just another one of those everyday occurrences with which we in the Kindle age have become so used to. Little did the fire makers think that many aeons into the future, their invention would revolutionise the natural world. Perhaps revolution is too strong a word. Maybe Cataclysmic realignment might be a tad more appropriate?
But a few cute hombres started to put their heads together in one of those mastermind groups that would meet at the third cave on the left every Thursday evening. Their discussions, often animated, went on late into the night to the consternation of significant others. The S.O’s (as we shall call them) knew that copious quantities of that sickly brew made from pigs blood and fermented with dried pigeon droppings, would leave the master minders not only breathless but totally incapable of coherent conversation for sometimes as long as a day and a half. Thus the Half day on a Saturday came into being. It was a simple time (compared to the 21st century with all its electronic and demonic awesomeness!)
Clearly, in a world dominated by the Male species who were absent from the Parental home for days and weeks at a time (they WERE working after all) the S.O’s had to be equally creative with the resources at their disposal.The external hard drive, still some time in the future, was preceded by ideas scratched on bison hide or scribbled in blood on a clay tablet which was a somewhat messy business. Can you see where the human race was headed at this point? Still the early entrepreneurs could not be faulted for their ingenuity, dedication or inventive streak.
One such S.O. incensed by her mastermind’s prolonged absences which had extended to weeks rather than days, decided to take the Bison by the horns as it were and become a programmer. This was not only a seriously dangerous work environment, due to the heat of the fire that was used to burn the hut down on a daily basis, but debilitating tiring (or should that be tiresome?) having to rebuild a new hut every other day for shelter and to keep the babes and sucklings from succumbing to the elements. The age of multi-tasking was born . The world would never again be remotely the same!
Clearly code that was inscribed in blood on clay tablets would need to be kept dry at all costs or the venture would run out of steam rather quickly. We forgot to mention that Steam had just been invented but finding a use for such a product was a little way off! Powering up the Tablets would be a problem since when you’re miles from the nearest gas station or hydroelectric scheme, life just takes on a new dimension. They eventually, after much deliberation and not a few jugs of Double Whammy came to the inevitable conclusion that Solar Panels would generate enough oomph to get the job done (but only just).
Thus the first commercially viable and hand held tablet came into being. It had been a tortuously slow development process with numerous hiccups along the way, not aided by the over imbibing of the principle programmers. Green Tea consumed in enormous quantities had the effect of creating far too much chatter and not enough work progress. However all day tea parties (Coffee and the attendant Coffee mornings hadn’t yet been invented) they all agreed with one voice and with complete unanimity that it had all been worth it. They knew they had a world beater on their hands; now all that was needed was a suitable name. They also knew that the choice of a jaw dropping name would make the difference between success and failure, marketing being what it was! Thus it was decided to name their invention: The Swindle which as luck would have it, happens to rhyme with the illustrious invention we are all familiar with today, that propels the Mighty Amazonian Phenomenon to all but take over the Planet!
Promotional material which survives to this day and which was found under the skeleton of a giant Sauropod in Western-Super –Mare, describes this earth shaking device as the World’s first E Reader. Features included an innovative trickle charger (for days when the Sun was absent) and a thirty-five TerraBat hard drive with built in Child minder alarm for busy Moms. Altogether an astounding achievement for such ancient times and conceived and fabricated by astounding Women. Thus the long held notion that Cave Men invented the world (and discovered the Americas) was finally laid to rest.
Improvements to the E reader followed at regular intervals (wars not withstanding) morphing into the much-loved device we are buying by the shed load today…The multitasking Swindle Fire Hi Propensity (with built in Banana Slicer).
We owe a not inconsiderable debt of gratitude to these early Pioneers, without whose foresight, vision and gut wrenching perseverance we would still be in the Stone Age and burning our huts for a hot dinner daily. School Dinners were still a long way off (thank Goodness!)

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As everyone knows becoming a published Author through the traditional channels was not for the faint hearted and required an iron constitution, loads of spare time and a Day Job. The number of times a manuscript was rejected or worse still, not getting a reply at all to your entreaties is the stuff of legend! In fact I expect there will be a movie made of the, by now, well known story of Harry Potter’s creator J.K Rowling and how it all started.

Imagine becoming one of those few Authors who were actually accepted by a mainstream publisher. You would be so engrossed in your own success story that you wouldn’t give a second thought to the tens of thousands of unsuccessful manuscript peddlers.

The days of going down this tortuous route are well and truly over. True, Publishers will still have a place in the scheme of things but many are struggling and more will go to the wall in the coming months and years as the inexorable march of the Internet tramples all before it!

Every Dog has his day and every product or service has a finite life span even if it is for a cool one hundred years! Big publishers who have held court for a century or more will one day be no more. Just as the Telephone Land Line is being rapidly replaced by Mobile devices the world over, so the big names in Publishing with their fancy offices and fancy Staff and no doubt VERY fancy salaries are being replaced by a much more User /Writer friendly route!

 The Amazon Kindle is that replacement route! The rise and rise of the Internet over the last decade has enabled many aspiring writers to get their content published via Blogs, traditional static web sites and downloadable E books. Enter the 800 lb Gorilla of the E book phenomenon …The Amazon Kindle and the KDP Kindle Direct Publishing platform!

The Amazon Kindle range of E readers has captured the imagination of Authors and the Reading public alike. The Kindle came into being in 2007 and slowly grew into the Giant that it is today. But we are still only in the vanguard of E Book Publishing at KDP. There is something around 1,300,000 E book titles currently available to purchase via the Amazon Kindle Library and this number is increasing exponentially.

 The ease by which a writer can get his or her name up there for all to see on Amazon shouldn’t be overestimated .There are considerable technical hurdles to be addressed in producing an E-book for sale in the Kindle Bookstore with the result that there is a plethora of  How To books already on stream covering every single aspect of the Publishing process. How to Format; How to Write a Title that sells; How to Market your Kindle E-Book and so on.

This article is just a very brief introduction to the Kindle process and will be followed with more detailed analysis for the budding Boomer Author who has been threatening to write a book for years but somehow never got around to it! Here is the link to this Authors Book Review page on the Amazon site

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Baby Boomers would not exist in any great numbers had it not been for the sacrifices of their Parents’ Generation, of which so many laid down their lives n the cause of freedom during WW2. Generation X and the current generation are pretty much oblivious to what went before and what it is that enables them to have the life that they enjoy today.

To be fair, while the modern world sucks us all in with ever increasing intensity, we do have to concentrate on surviving and making a living each and every day and not dwell forever on the past. But to get through the present with some degree of certainty we do need to understand the trials of the past.

I remember my Mother complaining that Dad always talked about the War incessantly given half a chance and that, years after they had been divorced. The realisation that I might not have been able to sit in front of my PC as I do now and communicate my thoughts to the world, had it not been for the ultimate sacrifices by so many millions, has had a huge effect on me. Has it had an effect on You?

It’s important to know where you came from, who your Parents and Relatives were and what marks they made on the World. Taking some time to uncover Family History can be both rewarding and disturbing. Certainly you’ll bring to light important occurrences and landmark moments, that when examined, will tell you who you really are.

Keeping a record, by way of autobiography can be a very important task for the enlightenment of future generations. As an adult, if you are able to sift through the events of your family history, via an autobiography you’ll not only discover previously unknown facts but will begin to understand why things turned out the way they did.

If perhaps you are bitter and confused about the cards life dealt you, understanding the background to events and the emotions they exposed you’ll be able to forgive or rejoice or maybe even both!

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It may seem obvious to most of you that placating the Google Spider and all that surrounds its web is all that you have to worry about when launching or building your Business on the Web.

To a significant degree this is true but the Mighty Search Engine GoogleSan didn’t invent the Internet, didn’t create the World and can’t prevent Earthquakes! It creates quite a few Earthquakes of its own though which are pre-planned and like many Earthquakes, are precursors to Tsunamis.

The Tsunamis I am talking about here are not the kind that lead to Death and incalculable Human Misery (although some Marketers on the Internet would disagree) but to the wholesale banishing of worthless websites.

Google is smarter than most Marketers and those that try to game the system will inevitably be found out and vanish into oblivion. Spammy Adsense only sites with spun articles that make little sense to the average human are destined to be deleted sooner rather than later!

Web sites that get little attention over a significant period are also likely to drop off the Google radar as I’ve found out recently with my own Learning to Drive website after a long lay off.

I think it’s universally agreed that good intelligent and relevant content will ensure that your site at least doesn’t get blacklisted and will rise in the rankings given time and effort on the authors’ part.

Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin Built on Sound Foundations

Building Your Web Site with a Sound Foundation and Infrastructure will enable it to last for Longer than Most Quick Buck Creations!

Of course the infrastructure of your site is the foundation upon which you can build your business. The content is what will see you successful providing you have learned to relate to your audience and provide suitable value.

We’ll have a look at the essentials in the next Baby Boomer Marketing post and discuss whether or not it’s possible to get started with a very limited budget and yet still produce results.

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The Technicians at the Nuclear Power Plant of Fukushima in Japan have been putting themselves at great risk of  radioactive contamination while working for the greater good;you can liken them to the Samurai Warriors of the Past… fearless,determined and focussed.

As they endeavour to connect Power supplies so that a cooling sytem can be put back in action at the Fukushima Reactors,

Connecting the Power

Electrical Power needed to Cool the Reactors at Fukushima

I am reminded of the necessity of massive and focussed action that is needed to succeed at anything in life.

Great stores of knowledge or expertise within individuals are worthless if they cannot be shared for the common good. One aspect of Marketing that appears to be gaining momentum on the Web is for experts to freely share some of their expertise  with their visitors or subscribers. Free is good I think you would agree!

Of course other Marketers despise and villify so called Freebie Seekers and that’s their prerogative. My own view is that the best way to build trust and ultimately gain disciples and customers or clients is to show what you are made of first before launching  your ” Here’s some stuff you might want to look at before the Price goes up” crusade.

The Fukushima Engineers are  giving their “stuff” away for free,while others count the cost elsewhere.  They  may even end up giving their lives so that others can benefit from their Expertise and Focus.

Think about what you can do to help others without counting the cost!

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Shih Zhu

This St.Patricks Day ain't all it's cracked up to be!

 I hate St.Patrick’s Day. it’s so BOOORING! All the Folks is Asleep! Gotta Tell You Peeps I much prefer Christmas but that a few weeks away yet!

Still when Miss Piggy wakes up from her nap we’s gonna have some real fun!

© ShamRock Shih Zhu Enterprises Ltd

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Everybody knows that  Internet  reach and particularly that of Marketers
 touting their push button, biz-in-a box, millionaire in one month, are expanding exponentially. Of course everyone has a right to create an Internet presence and attempt to build a sustainable business in these uncertain and troubled times. What many of these so called Marketers (I prefer to call them leeches!) don’t have a right to do is to plague their subscribers with up to sometimes three e mails a day…Yes a Day! Not a Week… a Day!

Yeah yeah I know it’s a well published cliché that it takes a web visitor up to seven times to make up his or her mind that the author is worth listening to. Perhaps even to purchase some stuff. Any marketer who bombards a subscriber with this amount of b-shit really doesn’t deserve to be on this Planet much less on the Internet!

There are a number of disturbing trends that I have noticed over the last year while wading through my in box and struggling with my Click-Here Syndrome!

(1) When someone does decide to purchase a product on line they are then put through as many as three further hoops for one time offers (OTO’S). For those of you who are not used to this it is totally confusing if not annoying!

(2) If you actually dare to try and leave the page without purchasing it is quite common to be put through another three pop- ups offering further discounts and often verbiage that verges on abuse. Offers to talk to a live operator to show you the error of your ways in not purchasing is also prevalent.

(3) Another trend is to put an anonymous word in the Senders Box, such as support; followed by more outrageous claims in the Subject Box of the email. You haven’t a clue who the message is from and it sparks curiosity to click, if you’re anything like me. I hasten to add and this is the purpose of this article, that you absolutely will have to be ruthless in the future with e mail subscriptions!

(4) Another marginally (but only just!) tactic is to put an enticing Free Offer in the Subject Box of your e mail and having clicked on this you are asked to submit your already wilting e mail address into another Marketers sign -up box to see what is going on. Personally I don’t mind being notified of a really good offer from a really exceptional Author, but I would rather know more about who I am signing up to before I click and get exposed to yet more Bull-S—T.

This level of secrecy and subterfuge is unacceptable to me and in the future (I mean right now) I am about to purge my subscriptions down to the bare minimum of people I know and respect and from whom I have previously bought!

One Marketer, who is not only a decent Guy but who has helped countless thousands in his 15 year career as a noted expert (he doesn’t like the word Guru …and I thoroughly agree with him) is Jim Edwards (of seven day e book .com fame) I shall never, but never unsubscribe from this truly inspirational Man and I suggest that you take a long hard look at your list of subscriptions and select a mere handful and delete all the rest.

 Jim incidentally, who has an uncanny knack of predicting major trends in Marketing on the Internet once said (and I am sure he still does) that you should follow one expert (having assessed his or her capability) and don’t bother with anyone else.

 It’s a physical impossibility to even read all the stuff that is coming through your inbox if you’re subscribed to more than a handful of Website Owners let alone take any action on what they have to say. How am I so sure of this? Well that would be telling wouldn’t it?

I wish I had listened to Jim Edwards more carefully in the past because I am now faced with a monumental task to delete dozens of subscriptions as well as having to take 6 weeks a year in a Sanitarium to overcome my Click- Here addiction and Information Overload.

 See you again soon Boomers gotta go take a really long Nap since I have been Nap Free for a couple of days!(You think I’m Joking?)

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Yes we all know the favourite mantra of failed writers…Writers Block Actually it’s one of the easiest hurdles to overcome as a writer if you’ll just stop whingeing, sit down at your keyboard and recall your earliest childhood memories.

Once you are motoring the thoughts that will become a torrent should spawn plenty of fresh ideas which you can then adapt to the task in hand whatever you are endeavoring to write about.

It’s all about triggers when you think about it. You have got to get started and once started your thought processes will trigger other thoughts and ideas and before you can utter those brain crushing words Writers Bl… you’re writing like an Express Train!

Clearly if you set yourself up with a “Must Write some Stuff every Morning” mantra, before the day gets under way, you’ll rarely ever have a writing problem again. The ideas will fill your brain and there won’t be enough hours in the day to get them all on paper, or the Hard Drive as the case may be!
So all of you Boomers out there who pretend that you can’t write, get off your aging Butts and get cracking .

This has got to be the most important habit for you if you are to ever create a Web presence and get a Web site under way. For sure there’s a shed load of content that you can beg or borrow out there on the Web but your own personally crafted words will have much more inpact and reach.

 One way of getting into the groove which I am using currently as a preliminary excercise to publishing on Amazon Kindle, is to write some book reviews. Obviously you have to buy the book first or have bought the Title previously in order to do a credible book review.

Have a look at Robin’s Awesome Kindle Book Review Page for some idea of how this works.You’ll be writing your own reviews in no time and the ideas will keep coming!

 Have a great weekend at your Keyboard and don’t forget the Java…an essential component for any self respecting Boomer on the Web!

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